Spectrum coconut oil : Review

The biggest problem is going on in the world community today is the increasing stroke disease, diabetes, cancer, tumors, and coronary heart disease, which causes death to many people. One cause of disease is the consumption of fatty foods that are not qualified to excess. One source of fatty foods is the cooking oil (palm oil). The habit of using cooking oil for many, many times saving the cost of living, but the quality of the fat content is reduced

Coconut cooking oil is also a more effective source of energy

Coconut cooking oil is also a more effective source of energy than carbohydrates and protein. One gram of oil can yield 9 kcal, while carbohydrates and protein yield only 4 kcal / gram. The use of vegetable oils, especially oil, contain essential fatty acids that contain lots of HDL (high-density lipo protein) which can prevent the constriction of blood vessels due to the buildup of cholesterol. Thus a good quality oil, which has a content of HDL is high, while low-quality oil has a lot of the content of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), and can cause blockage of blood vessels, triggering the onset of coronary heart disease, diabetes, tumors and cancers the leading cause of death in humans. Meanwhile, the oil that has included HDL content of unsaturated fatty acids and has a double bond from the structure of the molecule, a result of high heat, and repeated the double bond of the molecule will break up so that it becomes saturated fat and contain a high LDL, it is caused due to heating high there will be a shift in functional groups and the shift in wavelength of the material is heated cooking oil.

Sample test results

Coconut oil sample test results using infrared spectrum, providing information functional groups in the sample. The sample tests performed generate transmission intensity and wavelength of the wave number scale on the infrared spectrum. To obtain information about functional groups that make up a compound structure of coconut cooking oil, used the correlation table infrared absorption band that presents information wave number, intensity and type of functional group vibrations and the molecular structure of the sample.

In this study samples of coconut oil is used, each heated varied from 100oC to 220oC temperature donde comprar goji cream en españa. Once the material has cooled to room temperature, the spectroscopic studies carried out using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Shimadzu brands to see palm oil wavelength spectrum in the wave number scale of the intensity of transmission of the sample that generates the functional groups of molecular structure in these materials. Variation of heating treatment is intended to examine the double bond of the carbon chains on the functional group is lost due to heating, since the double bond is broken will turn into a saturated fatty acid.

Lauric acid

The results showed that coconut oil has great benefits for health. Lauric acid is the predominant acid contained in coconut oil and capric acid proved to have efficacy as an anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa. Lauric acid in coconut if consumed, the body of humans or animals will be converted into monolaurin. The research proves that monolaurin can damage lipid membranes (layers of wrapping) virus among HIV virus, influenza and cytomelagovirus. Apart from being anti-viral, anti bacterial and protozoa, coconut oil is also important for your metabolism because it contains vitamins, fat-soluble vitamin that is, A, D, E and K as well as pro-vitamin A. (Ketaren, 1986). Coconut oil also was able to prevent colon cancer, breast and prostate. 

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