Osteoporosis Treatment Options: Strengthen Up!

Osteoporosis treatment is considered for individuals suffering a bad case of osteoporosis, a condition in which the bone mass reduces due to loss of bone tissue. This weakens the bone and has an increased risk of occurrence of fractures due to the extreme fragility. The condition is generally not diagnosed until the osteoporosis causes a fracture, after which the underlying cause may be found out. Treatment may be started by prior diagnosis or after the occurrence of a fracture which brings to light the fragile bone condition.The most vulnerable areas of the body which can develop a fracture at a light trauma (if the condition of osteoporosis prevails) include the spine, hip and wrist joint. The condition of osteoporosis is generally seen in elderly women, developed as a consequence of the early ages, where bone density development is not completely augmented by adequate calcium supplementation.

This causes reduction in bone density due to loss of minerals and aggravation of this is what causes osteoporosis. The osteoporosis treatment regimen is based on this factor, the loss of minerals from the bone resulting in the reduction of density. The treatment mechanism deals with the condition at various levels, dealing with the development of the mineral loss, the decrease in bone density or the stage of fractures. Osteoporosis treatment tackles any or all of these steps involved in the development of the condition.

The treatment essentially consists of treating fractures and preventing the further occurrence of fractures as the condition is mostly diagnosed only after the individual encounters a fracture.  Basic treatment involves an enhancement of minerals in the diet to supplement the loss of minerals from the bone. A diet rich in calcium (including milk, calcium-fortified juices) would be one way to treat the condition when it is still in the infant stages. Also, a regular exercise regimen including weight-bearing exercises would help and maintenance of optimal body weight is essential to prevent fractures from occurring. People suffering from osteoporosis have to take on exercise regimens that are safe, and consult with specialists like occupational therapists who would advise on fracture management and safe ways to exercise. Exercise may be as simple as walking, which has shown to prove useful in improving the condition.

For women suffering with osteoporosis, estrogen replacement with hormone therapy is one method to prevent bone loss, while the common method of treatment involves vitamin D and calcium supplements, which might be given in combination with the estrogen replacement therapy. Medication also includes biophosphonates like alendronate, etidronate, etc. which slow the bone loss and also improve the bone density. Other hormonal medication would also help improve the calcium levels in the bone.

The key to treating osteoporosis is the inclusion of preventive measures to stop the bone from thinning further and also steps to improve the bone density with drugs and exercise. Diet too plays a major role in improving the condition. Osteoporosis treatment includes all such steps while also including medication like teriparatide, a synthetic parathormone which helps increase the bone density.

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