Osteoporosis Treatment: Antiresorptive Medications Can Work Wonders

Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis Treatment can be of great help when it comes to prevention of progression of this highly debilitating condition. Moreover it’s often used to avoid risk of fracture amongst patients who are afflicted with this condition. There was a time when Osteoporosis was a word only physicians referred to but today there’s growing awareness about it and people want to know about different treatment options in front of them. This is basically a condition where the bone mass in those afflicted by it reduces drastically and can lead to other complications. But the good news is that it can be treated and there are many treatment solutions that patients can opt for. Osteoporosis Treatment involves two broad types of medications. Antiresorptive medication and use of anabolic agents. The former is known to have many advantages when it comes to treatment of this disease, which is why it is often chosen as the first course of action by many physicians all over the world.

People are diagnosed with Osteoporosis when loss of bone is far greater than bone growth in their body. This makes their bones weaker and more susceptible to breaking. Antiresorptive medications can reduce the extent and rate of bone loss in human body. When you opt for this type of medication, the bone loss in your body will reduce dramatically. At the same time the process of bone growth takes place at a normal rate. Therefore the bone density in a patient improves to a great extent and it not only stops the growth of the disease but reduces risks of fractures as well.

These are the two of the most common antiresorptive medications used for people suffering from Osteoporosis. Biphosphonates in particular are widely recommended because they reduce the rate of bone loss. Hence breakdown of bones in patients suffering from this condition is slowed down to a great extent. Biphosphonates can be either administered intravenously or orally, and there are different dosage options available, which can be given based on a patient’s needs.

Calcitonin is another form of medication that’s prevalent and it helps maintain the level of calcium in our bodies, which is extremely vital for several bone processes including their growth. Estrogen therapy has shown brilliant results for women and it involves use of estrogen, which does a brilliant job of protecting your bones. However there are risks involved with the use of pure estrogen, which is why it’s used in tandem with progestin.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators on the other hand work with estrogen receptors in your body, thus creating a strong defence for your bones. This therapy is also used only on women and has become hugely popular because you get all the advantages of estrogen therapy without the risk of side effects involved.

Osteoporosis Treatment is easy and effective, offering you long term relief from this serious health condition.

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