Osteoporosis Symptoms to be on the lookout for

Osteoporosis symptoms are difficult to diagnose in the initial or early stage of the disease. The disease is known to reduce the quality and the density of the bones. Fracture risk increases, especially in the spine, wrist, hip, femur bone, pelvis, and arm generally. However there could be a fracture in the rest of the bones too. Bone structure becomes weak, brittle and fragile due essential mineral loss at a faster rate. The body is not able to replace the minerals fast due to which bones become thin, brittle and could get fractured with the slightest fall or bump. It is only when the disease reaches an advanced stage that the symptoms are seen. Otherwise the symptoms and signs come in without giving any warning.This disease can be termed as a silent disease as it sets in gradually.An approximate forty percent of women suffer from this health issue and notice frequent symptoms after they turn 40.

A smaller percentage of men also experience this disease.  This is a silent epidemic which targets individuals who age. As of today it is a major health concern as indicated by the WHO or the World Health Organization. Diagnosis is difficult since the symptoms are absent at the early stages of the osteoporosis disease. Till the fractures occur it is tough to identify the disease.

The fractures cause lot of pain in the affected bone and the rest of the bones in the body as well. The pain is radiated in the body if the fracture occurs in the spine. The pain gets worse as the condition of the disease gets severe. If on the affected area there is weight gain the pain seems more intense and is accompanied with tenderness. In a spine fracture the result could be the dowager hump that is caused by a collapse of the vertebrae repeatedly.

The person is always at the risk of falling at the slightest push or bump. Life quality gets a serious impact due to fractures in the bones which are extremely painful.  Hospitalization for a longer period would be needed in the case of a hip fracture.

Osteoporosis Symptoms Cannot Be Identified Very Easily

It is not just the elderly who could get affected by osteoporosis, but even the younger generation can get affected by the disease. If children have bone density that is lower then, they too could suffer from the disease. Since the symptoms cannot be identified very easily the risk of the disease increases.

The disease is generally caused in smokers, females, alcohol consumers, older people, individuals having a bone fracture history, small and thin boned people, and post-menopausal women. People with low calcium intake, steroid intake, lack of exercise or physical activities, and lack of exposure to light etc. are prone to this disease. The disease can be prevented if proper diet, minerals, calcium, vitamin D, exercise, medication, treatment etc. is taken in due time. Once the symptoms are identified it is necessary to take proper treatment. Once the symptoms are identified it is necessary to take proper treatment.

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