How you can reverse or stop osteoporosis naturally?

Osteoporosis Statistics 

If you take a look at the statistics you will get to know that there are more than million fractures occurs in US during a year and around 300,000 of these are related to hip area. Health organizations are very much worried about the rising trend in hip fractures. It is known that the rate of increase is so fast that world has seen 1.7 million ho fractures in 1990 and the figure will rise to around 6.3 million till 2050. There are certain important things that are very important for the doctors to know about the patient who are suffering from osteoporosis. There are some risk factors also involved which have to be catered properly.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis

First thing that you must have to know is about the previous history of the patient, had she suffered with any fracture after 50 years of age. You have to know about the bone mass, is it decreased. You should also check the family history to know whether any of family members has suffered from osteoporosis previously. Is the vitamin D requirement is fulfilled and taken as required. Does patient take calcium less than the required demand of body? Is he/she a chain smoker? These are some of the questions which you must have to know about any person who is suffering from osteoporosis, by knowing this information it becomes little easier for you to deal with the person`s problem. Other than these there are certain other reasons too, which can become a reason for osteoporosis.

If you are suffering from this issue, or you wanted to protect yourself from that, then you must have to be very careful and you can act upon following three natural remedial advice`s to make sure that you can get rid of osteoporosis.

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