Fight diseases with coconut oil

Why Should You Choose Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

Incorporating extra virgin coconut oil in your diet would help you fight off many types of diseases due to its antibacterial, anti fungal, antioxidant and antiviral properties.

These are what make our coconut oil products beneficial for you in many ways. Those who are into health activities should certainly know all the goodness of our Virgin Coconut oil.

Epidemiological and scientific studies revealed that despite the high saturated fat content of coconut oil, it has great effects in battling diabetes, heart diseases and obesity due to the medium chain fatty acids it has compared to the long chain fatty acids that vegetable or canola oil contains, which may reverse the good effects that they have when heated.

Our company ensures that you get the best quality extra virgin coconut oil. Aside from the things that are listed above, let us share some information with you.

Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil

One of the things that you’re surely going to be thankful with our coconut oil is the good fats that compose it, Lauric Acid. One rare medium-chained fatty acid and is found in mother’s milk.

Though there has been a lot of arguments and discussions with regard to it, most scientific studies have shown that coconut oil benefits is really essential to one’s health.

Now, what are the things that coconut oil and lauric acid bring to the table? Well, as studies have revealed the ill effects of consuming too much Omega-6 in vegetable oils due to its saturated fatty acid content and that zero fat is good for your health, coconut oil has proven that its fatty contents is truly a must-have for your body to function properly and battle any health conditions that you may possess.

How good is coconut oil for your body? Well, coconut oil from Singapore is one of the best on the market that has retained its integrity and truthfulness when it comes to what it can give you.

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